Change One Honduras is seeking for proactive and fun volunteers wanting to acquire experience abroad teaching English to preschool, elementary, and high school awesome kids. All subjects are taught in English, so Spanish skills are not required; but being immersed in the culture is a great opportunity to learn and practice Spanish.

Our students come from hard-working low-income families and we offer them a priceless opportunity to learn a second language, to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to freed themselves from the bondage of poverty, and to create for them and their generations a bright future. They will no longer starve for food, knowledge, clothing, or any other basic thing needed in life. Your enthusiasm and your service will inspire them to change within and they will be able to change their environment for themselves, their families, and their children.

We offer food, housing, transportation from and to the airport, transportation to school if necessary, a modest stipend, and a visit to Mayan Ruins in Copan.

ChangeOne believes that through education a child’s life can change forever and that child, as well, can change the lives of other people.

We welcome groups, families, or friends that desire to serve together. As you learn about the poverty that surrounds them and the few opportunities poor Honduran children have, you will be enhanced as an individual realizing the great blessings you have in your own country. Then, this will be a magnifying and unforgettable experience that will exalt yourself as a person while you get involve in teaching and loving the children.

Come and Volunteer! You will enjoy the ride!

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